Giving customers the power of choice

Corpecca can help you navigate your options, design, configure, integrate and deploy a custom solution for your needs. We collaboratively determine how to leverage technology to your advantage, considering ERP models, software solutions, software-defined infrastructure.

Data processing Center

The data center provides a vital access and continuous availability of information technology systems and services (computers, servers, storage centers, network equipment). This allows customers to process essential data for the business woking.

Technical Assistance Center

The Technical Assistance Centers support the daily activities of our customers and avoid them having to find their own solutions to day to day problems. These centers are present on several continents, providing services to most customers.

Documents management

Combining advanced IT skills and secure to a sectoral expertise in order to provide a customized approach that addresses the unique needs of customers in the printing and documents. Working with customers to produce effective printed and electronic documents.

Remote Infrastructure

Manage all customer computers, software, servers and networks, and even security systems with the help of our support centers locally, continentally and internationally.

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